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Celebrating Audience Growth

We Are Flying Cork

Flying Cork Media and its subsidiaries and affiliates are a growing, diversified, international enterprise centered on Media, Marketing, and Advertising. We work with our clients to find, engage, and retain their ideal customers by incorporating creative solutions to complex problems. We celebrate success with every client because there is nothing better than reaching that cork-popping moment.

What We Do


How We Do It


Our process begins with the architecture of your ideal customer and how they pair with your brand, product, or service. We then discover how the consumer wants their content delivered and what they need to learn from the messaging.


Are you providing enough value to keep your customers interested and engaged with your brand? Our marketing automation and content syndication platforms deliver the right message at the right time.


We listen and learn from your customers so we can develop a communication highway that provides valuable content, timely feedback, and unique offerings that promote consumer retention and referrals.

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