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Employee Spotlight: Michaela, Project Coordinator

Find out more about our Project Coordinator, Michaela!

Michaela, Project Coordinator

What is your job title, and what does it mean? 

I am a Project Coordinator, so my main responsibilities are to organize and prioritize email projects and assets from our clients and communicate that to our internal email marketing team. I ensure we receive the necessary assets, quality check, and meet our deployment dates to achieve both our clients and the internal team’s marketing goals.

What is your favorite part about working for Flying Cork?

My favorite part about working for Flying Cork would be the people. Everyone has been so great to work with, and it’s nice to have some fun and make jokes with coworkers in and out of the office.

Dream vacation?

Travel all of Europe, but my top 3 would be Italy, Austria, and Greece.

Favorite meal?

Fish and Chips

What is your most memorable commercial that is not from Flying Cork? Why?

My favorite is the Geico Hump Day Camel commercial. It was such a simple and silly idea, but it’s something my family still jokes about.

Random fact?

I’m left-handed!

First job?

Painting with a Twist 

How has Flying Cork helped with your career development?

Coming from the events industry into the marketing world, there have been a lot of similarities; however, I’m continuously learning more about emails and improving my project coordination skills as a marketer. Working in a new industry definitely provides more opportunities to learn and grow!

Guilty pleasure?

Not sure if this is a guilty pleasure, but puzzles! Or Sheetz Mac and Cheese bites!

What is a Cork Popping Moment you’ve experienced while working at Flying Cork?

Within my short time at Flying Cork so far, I have been involved in the redesign of a few newsletters and was able to see the new designs implemented and improve engagement. Finding new ways to improve our work for the client and have it succeed is always exciting to see!