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Flying Cork Media’s Realignment

A message from Flying Cork Media's President, Jude Michaels.

I am proud to announce the launch of our updated website, branding, and social media as a part of the continuing evolution of Flying Cork Media.

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, we were fortunate enough to grow our team and our client base. However, as I’m sure you can relate to, we did not take the time to focus on ourselves. It took a nudge from my team, but over the past few months I’ve reflected on our company and realized that we needed a change. As a result, we decided to give Flying Cork Media the same attention we give to our clients. We implemented a realignment strategy using our company philosophy: Know Your Audience, Grow Your Audience, and Celebrate Success.

Know Your Audience

We first realigned our brand to better represent our team and how we serve our clients. Our services are now distributed amongst three distinct categories: Media + Entertainment, Marketing + Technology, and E-Commerce + Advertising.

The growth of the television show Tomorrow’s World Today and its associated streaming, social media, and website platforms has propelled our Media + Entertainment team, prioritizing our need for production services on all levels. Building upon marketing technologies like Salesforce Marketing has elevated our Marketing + Technology team to allow clients to execute successful content strategies and personalized customer journeys. Lastly, the unprecedented growth and diversification of e-commerce have challenged our E-Commerce + Advertising team to meet and exceed the challenges of e-commerce messages in a saturated retail industry.

Grow Your Audience

The next step in our realignment strategy involved reflecting on how we project our image. In my 25 years as a marketing professional, and in my 12 years as the President of Flying Cork Media, I have learned that what pushes me forward, no matter how tough life gets, is finding a fresh start. Even if it’s as simple as starting a new notebook, I make it a priority to create fresh starts with new goals to achieve celebratory outcomes. This is the approach we take with all of our clients and, upon reflection, we realized that our website and social media accounts could better reflect that philosophy.

We then asked ourselves what image we’d like to portray. And no matter who I spoke with on the Flying Cork Media team, the same idea was being presented: we are a company that celebrates success and audience growth. So now, at the core of our visual branding, is a champagne cork flying through the air to symbolize moments of celebration. This imagery, by nature, includes movement. The animated circles you see throughout our website emulate the movement of the cork as well as the champagne’s bubbles.

As for our colors, the light blue evokes creativity, imagination, and innovation, the orange brings forth feelings of enthusiasm, excitement, and celebration, and our updated dark blue calls to mind feelings of calmness, stability, and reliability. Together, this primary palette gives our customers the complete picture of Flying Cork: a company built on trust and passion that takes a clean, minimalist design approach to take complex marketing and make it simple for our clients.

Our redesigned website and social media accounts now accurately showcase both our core philosophy and our team’s capabilities. We believe that there is always something to celebrate, and we will promote this ideal on our website and social media in a refined and streamlined manner.

Celebrate Success

Since our beginnings in 2011, celebrating moments of growth and success have been integral in everything we do with our team and clients at Flying Cork Media. However, growth and success are not easily defined. They are always subjective and often seem like they are out of reach. People, including my team and me, tend to struggle with celebrating the smaller wins that occur every day on the road to achieving your ultimate goal.

As we continue to move forward with our clients, we hope to redefine the markers of those celebratory, cork popping moments—both big and small. In that spirit, we will recognize our team’s and our clients’ celebratory moments on our website’s updated corkboard. This space will commemorate achievements in the form of blog posts outlining substantial goals we’ve reached, brief notes describing small successes, and everything in between.

This realignment truly could not have been possible without the entire Flying Cork Media team, touching everyone from our graphic designers and content creators to our web developers and video producers. We are excited to share more of our growth, cork popping moments, and the people who make our services better and move our brand forward every day.

Jude Michaels, President of Flying Cork Media