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Social Media Takeaways of 2022 (So Far)

Our Marketing Coordinator Anya’s reflections of social media in 2022. 

In honor of National Social Media Day (June 30), I took a moment to reflect on what I have learned about social media so far in 2022 as a Marketing Coordinator at Flying Cork Media. 

Engage In Conversations and Events

In marketing, it is often easy to forget that the point of social media is to be, well, social! You can strategize and plan all you want, but social media is ultimately centered around joining others in a wider conversation. 

With this tip in mind, I have made it a point to stay active in clients’ respective communities and engage in relevant conversations and events. This can be as big as writing a blog related to a megaevent, like the Super Bowl, and sharing it across platforms, or as small as responding to a newsworthy, trending tweet. If you do this correctly with your audience in mind, engagement will follow. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over

As you may have noticed, Flying Cork Media has gone through a bit of a makeover in 2022, complete with a revamped website and social media. With this brand realignment, one internal point of discussion was our own social media accounts, many of which hadn’t been touched in a while. We went back and forth on whether to keep the old posts up, ultimately deciding that archiving and starting over was the way to go. 

Flying Cork Media's Instagram Feed
Flying Cork Media’s Instagram Feed (June 17, 2022)

This fresh start allowed Flying Cork Media to turn over a new leaf and have our social media reflect our updated branding, voice, and team. Our feeds now represent who we are (which I think looks pretty good!). The biggest takeaway with this tip? Sometimes starting with a clean slate is just what your social media and social media team need to move forward.

Set Goals & Celebrate Successes

One of Flying Cork Media’s cornerstones is “Celebrating Audience Success” and this is something I try to keep in mind with all of our and our clients’ social media accounts. In social media, it’s often easy to lose track of your smaller successes. As a result, I have tried to make more of an effort in 2022 to set measurable goals with strategies behind them on all social media platforms and accounts.

Remember that not all accounts are equal; your goals should reflect this. For example, one goal we set was to have one of our client’s Facebook accounts, which had 5,000 page likes, reach 25,000 page likes in a year. Thanks to a combination of Facebook ads and social posts, this goal was reached in ten months. We revamped the same client’s LinkedIn page which started at about 100 followers. Without a budget behind it, we helped double the pages’ followers in under six months. 

Even though the Facebook goal reached was a bigger goal than LinkedIn, both figures significantly helped the client and achieved the goals we set. As 2022 continues, remember that setting goals and celebrating successes should be integral to your social media strategy. 

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