Lead Generation

Backed By Research.

We propel your eCommerce business to reach new leads within your niche industry by utilizing research and data to make strategic improvements to your product listing. These crucial insights will allow you to further optimize enhanced brand content and create targeted advertising campaigns.

CRM Tracking +

CRM tracking allows you to obtain important customer data which will give you invaluable insights into purchasing habits and consumer behavior. Integrating this software into your eCommerce business will also allow you to track sales across all eCommerce platforms, analyze user intent, and track the purchasing journey.

Competition Research

How is your eCommerce product better than other products on the market? We work to answer that question for you by conducting thorough research into the top competitors in your industry. We use this research to determine which of your product’s features are most valuable to consumers. Those insights can then be used to optimize enhanced brand content and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Budget Management

Any modifications made by your eCommerce platform of choice regarding their shipping or manufacturing guidelines can affect both your budget and product sales. Our team can expertly adjust product or shipping costs in order to soften the impact of unexpected changes on your bottom line. We give your business the peace of mind to know that you’ll be quickly notified of any budgetary changes and never have to worry about accruing unexpected costs.