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Flying Cork Named As Point Park University’s Neighbor of the Week

A cork popping week for Flying Cork. 

Last week, Flying Cork was Point Park University’s “Neighbor of the Week! 

Point Park University Named Flying Cork as Neighbor of the Week

Two of our employees, Baylee Zimmerman and Lauren Johnson, are proud Point Park University alumnae. They spoke about their time at PPU and how it prepared them to become the amazing Flying Cork employees that we know them as today.

Lauren, our Content Manager, expressed, “I’ve enjoyed how working with Flying Cork has allowed me to expand my writing skillset… During my time with Flying Cork, I have worked with several companies to write blogs, press releases, social media posts, white papers, website copy, brand manuals and more. I’ve even worked in the education field writing brochures, teacher resources, magazines, handbooks, student activities, and children’s educational comic books. When I graduated from Point Park, I never would have imagined how much my writing skills would continue to grow and develop.”

Our Project Manager Baylee participated in a co-op with Flying Cork as a student thanks to PPU’s Career Development Center and has been with us ever since. As Baylee told PPU, “My favorite part about working for Flying Cork is that every day is different and brings a new learning experience to the table. As a project manager, I oversee a multitude of projects that range from websites to social media and it constantly keeps me on my toes.”