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Employee Spotlight: Baylee, Project Coordinator

Find out more about our Project Manager and Social Media Coordinator, Baylee!

Project Coordinator Baylee Employee Spotlight

What is your job title, and what does it mean?

I am a Project Coordinator and a Social Media Manager, which means that I wear a lot of hats! This includes coordinating internal and external projects, corresponding with clients, running paid search campaigns, managing social media platforms, and more. In other words, I am Flying Cork Media’s “middleman.”

What’s something that might surprise us about you?

I took 14 years of vocal training! I was in musicals, show choir, and band in high school and still love to sing today (but now it’s karaoke in my living room).

How has Flying Cork helped with your career development?

I started at Flying Cork Media as a Co-Op/Intern doing anything and everything I could possibly do to put my foot in the door with the agency and learn as much as possible. Jude [Flying Cork’s President] has been my mentor since day one and, in the last four years, has supported me in experiencing practically every aspect of the company in order to figure out exactly where I want my career to head.

Favorite meal?

Tacos. My favorite taco spot in Pittsburgh is Doce Taqueria.

What is your most memorable commercial? Why?

I love Progressive’s “Dr. Rick” commercials where Dr. Rick helps millennials and Gen Xers avoid turning into their parents. It’s such a funny and clever concept seeing the generational roles switched.

Favorite thing to do in Pittsburgh?

I love sitting at the Point to take in the city and rivers and reflect on life. It was my go to spot at the end of the day in college, and it remains my favorite spot in the city.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Watching my clients’ social media platforms grow from month to month because of paid search is my favorite part of my job. I love how measurable the metrics and analytics are as a direct result of what my team and I have done.

Dream vacation?

Going to Greece to live out my Mamma Mia dreams.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Sometimes you have to leave people where you met them; people come into your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. I heard this advice from a visiting speaker as a senior in college, and it particularly hit home at that transient period in my life. I think it is an important piece of advice for everyone to keep in mind.

What is a Cork Popping Moment you’ve experienced while working at Flying Cork?

A cork popping moment I’ve experienced is Flying Cork Media’s brand realignment. As a coordinator, I helped push this project along from the ground up, seeing firsthand the time and resources everyone on our incredible team put into the final product. As a result, our social media and website accurately show who we are and what we do.