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Reflections From The Road: TWT Season 5

A Message from Flying Cork Media’s President, Jude Michaels.

This past week I was lucky enough to travel to Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington with my production team who is currently filming Season 5 of Tomorrow’s World Today

Going out and being in the field allowed me to observe my team first-hand and experience what their day-to-day looks like. To my delight, I saw a team where every single person knew and understood their role; no one stepped on each others’ toes. From the director to the field producer to the production assistants, every single person was a vital piece of the complex puzzle that is creating a TV show.

I also realized how quickly my team adapted to unforeseen challenges. For example, on the day of the shoot, the weather didn’t cooperate, and my team had to switch up the shot list on the fly. Filming in another company’s offices also distracts their employees from their normal workday which is something the crew had to keep cognizant of. 

I was even able to see some of the filming challenges turn into triumphs, such as our crew brainstorming and strategizing how to feature technology that has never been filmed before. Adding to this challenge, this technology had to be captured with multiple angles to allow the editors to best tell the story while keeping the general consumer audience who watches the show in mind.

At first, I felt like I was a distraction to the team because of how well they all worked together. Even though I was uncomfortable with this, I quickly learned that my only role was to step aside and watch my team do what they do best. It gave me the perspective I needed and allowed me to gain a brand new appreciation for their patience and talent.

Presidents of companies, including myself, tend to want to fix something that’s not broken. My advice? Walk in your team’s shoes for a day and see what you learn. It might just surprise you.

Jude Michaels, President of Flying Cork Media