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Employee Spotlight: Jacob, Junior Developer

Get to know our Junior Developer, Jacob!

Junior Developer Jacob

What is your job title, and what does it mean?

I am a Junior Developer, meaning I am working in various places in order to gain more experience. My involvement focuses on web development, which allows me to practice HTML and CSS in a real work environment. Putting together websites was what interested me the most during my time at school, so I am very grateful to be able to continue learning in this position.

How has Flying Cork helped with your career development?

Flying Cork was how I got my foot in the door for my IT career. I joined Flying Cork right after graduating college, allowing me to get real workplace experience. I am extremely thankful that Flying Cork brought me on board to a place where I can work in such a friendly environment, doing work that I enjoy.

Guilty pleasure?

When I am out on the road, I have a very large urge to drive my way over to any nearby fast-food restaurant and pick up a frappe. Even though I have been trying to pay better attention to what I eat, something about a bittersweet milkshake, topped with caramel or mocha and textured with specks of ice makes me turn the car around every time.

What is your most memorable advertisement that is not from Flying Cork? Why?

When I was in elementary school, we had an assembly where someone came in to show off a product. Of course, as kids we just thought it was an entertaining way to skip classes. The advertisement was for yoyos, which came in different styles. In front of the entire school, a man showed off a bunch of yoyo tricks. I ordered a yoyo right after the assembly, which I still have and use to this day.

What is something that might surprise us about you?

Something that always surprises people when I show them is my hitchhiker’s thumb, which is a thumb that can bend backward over 50 degrees. My thumb can bend back over 90 degrees, which always looks strange when I give a thumbs-up. Plenty of kids when I was younger would be alarmed and think I broke a bone.

What is your favorite part about working for Flying Cork?

Everyone has been very helpful and accommodating. With any issues or problems that need fixing, people are always willing to help. I also love the freedom which allows me to get straight to work. Currently, not needing to make an hour-long drive to the workplace before sitting down and programming lets me do more with my time and money. I can make sure all of that effort goes into what I need to get done instead.

Dream vacation?

One of my hobbies is learning different languages, so my choice is influenced by the languages people speak at the vacation spot. Romanian and Spanish are two languages I’m learning so I can interact with family and friends. However, Japan is what I am personally interested in, making it my top pick. Asian cultures are very different from ours here in the US, which I think would create the most memorable experience for a vacation.

What is the best book you have ever read?

My favorite book would have to be “The Hobbit” Written by J. R. R. Tolkien. Reading it was a required assignment by one of my High School English classes. Within the month we were told to read it, I read it twice within the first week. Something about the way Tolkien describes every detail and creates a new world filled with fantastical creatures and places in your head was something I was unable to put down.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“The things you make today can lead to what you make tomorrow.” Projects or personal works which don’t turn out so well at the moment will give you the experience to build something better in the future. This helps me to stay motivated by focusing my attention on what I’ve learned from each experience instead of all my mistakes.

What is a Cork Popping Moment you’ve experienced while working at Flying Cork?

My Cork Popping Moment has to be the moment I pressed the publish button on the first web page I put together for Flying Cork’s website. When creating the page, it’s listed so that only people working on it can see it. Knowing that something I had created, along with its future changes, would be seen by people around the world was truly exciting.

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