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Employee Spotlight: Ed, E-Commerce Strategy Manager

Get to know our e-Commerce Strategy Manager, Ed!

Ed, E-Commerce Strategy Manager

What is your job title, and what does it mean? 

“E-Commerce Strategy Manager,” which was not actually the job for which I originally applied! That job was “Amazon Product Listing Copywriter.” I applied, and Flying Cork’s Director of e-Commerce Services Eric Kinnamon called me and explained that he found me overqualified for the job as described, but that he was interested in broadening the role beyond the copy to take advantage of my wider experience. This has let me contribute across many avenues to Flying Cork’s eCommerce clientele, including SEO, PPC, content, digital strategy, and more. 

It was an amazing first impression – that Flying Cork chose to hire a person rather than just a role.

How has Flying Cork helped with your career development?

Flying Cork is my first non-contract/freelance job in almost a decade. Whenever you move from contract/freelance to full-time, it’s a drastic change. Jude Michaels and Eric Kinnamon were super accommodating in helping me get acclimated to my position. Even in a world where working remotely is more commonplace, their confidence and consideration meant the world. 

First job or weirdest job you have had?

During the summers, I worked as a baseball umpire from ages 16-23. Parents: please be nice to your local recreational sports official. 

Favorite meal?

I grew up in Rochester, NY, which has some rather distinct local treasures in their cuisine. The “Garbage Plate” is an iconic treasure and deserves to be celebrated! And I can’t forget about “White Hots,” which are far better than traditional hot dogs. Zweigle’s is truly the best in the hot dog business. 

What’s your favorite part of your job? 

The combination between the “what” I do and “how” I get to do it is tough to beat. I love working with content and copy, and strategizing how to best leverage it. Working remotely is huge for me. I love the opportunity to work from anywhere, and the nature of my work can be fairly autonomous. I like to dig into the minutia of my work, and this job lets me do that!

Favorite thing to do in Pittsburgh?

I actually live in Austin, Texas and work remotely, but I lived in Pittsburgh from 2014-2021. I miss PNC Park and 11th Hour Brewing, but I’ve grown fond of paddleboarding on Austin’s Town Lake and taking a dip in Barton Springs (a swimming hole in the middle of the city that is open almost year-round to the public!).

Best concert you’ve ever seen?

I saw Them Crooked Vultures on their only tour. Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) on drums, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) on bass, and Jose Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) on vocals and guitar were something else. It was somewhat of a secret tour – the album wasn’t even released until a few dates in, so nearly every song was a surprise. 

What is your most memorable commercial/advertisement/billboard/etc. that is not from Flying Cork? Why?

I freelanced for almost a decade before joining Flying Cork in Summer 2021. It’s so hard to pick one project, but what I prided myself on was finding digital marketing solutions for local small businesses within their budget. Small businesses have such specific goals and such slimmer margins to navigate, but when you can positively impact a local community business it means that much more. 

What is the best book you have ever read?

I’m a comic book lover, and the first graphic novel I’d hand to someone curious about the form is “Batman: The Long Halloween.” The art is gorgeous (RIP, the late Tim Sale), and it features a mystery with plenty of twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing! 

What is a Cork Popping Moment you’ve experienced while working at Flying Cork?

The first larger content project that I accomplished was building an entirely new Amazon Storefront for a client. We increased their traffic by 1000% through that channel within two weeks of launch. 

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