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eCommerce Client Moves Up In Organic Ranking

A Cork Popping Moment for our e-Commerce team.

One of our eCommerce clients had a lower than average quarter due to a massive increase in the number of competitors. As a result, our eCommerce team ran keyword targeting interventions to improve the organic search results ranking on a select number of highly relevant searches. 

Thanks to our work, our client’s products’ organic search ranking on strategic keywords drastically improved. The best sellers ranking in the products’ respective categories improved by 3-4 times, and the products appeared near the top of the first page of search results for the search terms after previously not appearing in the first 2 or more pages. This resulted in an average daily sales rate improvement of 50% for an already top seller and by 500% for a relatively new product launch compared to its first couple of months of sales.

Appearing at the top of as many relevant searches as possible is the absolute key to achieving long-term eCommerce success. However, today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive market makes eCommerce strategy harder than ever. 

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