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Construction Safety Week 2022 Retrospective

Our clients participated in Construction Safety Week, an annual event that was created to highlight the importance of safety in the construction industry.

What is Construction Safety Week?

Construction Safety Week is an annual event that was created to highlight the importance of safety in the construction industry. In an industry where unpredictable dangers may arise, this event serves as a reminder of the important safety measures that can allow workers to avoid accidents. Construction Safety Week 2022 was hosted the week of May 2nd-May 6th and the theme was Connected. Supported. Safe. This theme focused on how striving for safety is a goal that connects construction workers industry-wide and how connecting with other industry professionals through that shared goal can make workers feel supported. 

Any company interested in participating in Construction Safety Week is given guidance by the organization on topics to discuss with their teams and ideas for how they could participate on their social media platforms. Although the week is used to perfect safety procedures on the job, it’s also meant to remind workers to always be alert and watch out for fellow workers on the job site daily. 

How did Brayman and ACR participate?

Flying Cork clients Brayman Construction and Advanced Construction Robotics (ACR) participated in Construction Safety Week 2022. Brayman Construction, a leading heavy civil and geopolitical contractor in Pittsburgh hosted Toolbox Talks at their job sites each morning to discuss the daily topic. Toolbox Talks are an industry-standard practice that involves reviewing safety guidelines regarding specific tools that will be used during a given workday. Brayman further participated on their various social media platforms, posting about their daily toolbox talks and educating their audience on their team’s safety practices and procedures.

Advanced Construction Robotics, a world-leading innovator of autonomous construction robotic equipment, also used its various social media platforms to showcase how integrating its advanced construction technology and equipment can create a safer work environment. 

Daily Topics for Construction Safety Week 2022: 

Monday, May 2: Remain Connected

Tuesday, May 3: Be Supported

Wednesday, May 4: Stay Safe

Thursday, May 5: Continued Learning(Demonstration Day)

Friday, May 6: Thank You

How did Flying Cork get involved?

Flying Cork worked with Brayman Construction and ACR to develop their content strategy for Construction Safety Week 2022. Our team helped build a social media content strategy and our graphic design team created captivating visuals to pair with social posts. This empowered Brayman and ACR to capture the attention of more digital consumers while educating their audience regarding construction safety practices.

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