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5 Crucial Components to E-Commerce Success 2022

Grow your e-commerce business.

With several years of experience helping clients grow their e-commerce businesses, we at Flying Cork Media have learned a lot as we continue to keep up with the latest e-commerce trends. When it comes to 2022 e-commerce success, here are the key components we’ve discovered that are consistent among successful product listings.

1) Photography

One key factor of e-commerce success is good product photography. With the level of competition in 2022, professional product photography is required in order to meet the standards of modern competitors. It’s important that your product photography is not only aesthetically pleasing but also that it does a good job of displaying your product’s best features.

Additionally, your product photography must adhere to the high-quality image standards for your e-commerce platform of choice. One pro-tip to consider: working with a graphic designer who can edit your photos to include details about your product specs within the photographs themselves. This way the most important information about your product is reaching consumers as quickly as possible as photos are one of the first things that customers review when they click on a listing.

2) Keywords

In order to achieve e-commerce success, you need to utilize high-ranking keywords within your product listing. This may seem simple, but it’s more challenging than it initially appears because high-ranking keywords are constantly changing. That means you must conduct thorough and ongoing research into ranking keywords within your specific product category to allow your listing to reach the appropriate customers. If your product is ranking highly one day and the next day you’re losing sales, this means you need to conduct another round of research and adjust the keyword usage in your listing accordingly.

3) Reviews

After looking at product photos, reviews are the second thing that consumers review to determine whether they want to purchase a product. The difficult aspect of this crucial component to e-commerce success is that it’s impossible to control whether or not you’re going to receive good product reviews. Since product reviews must be unbiased, the only way to ensure you receive good reviews on your product listing is to produce high-quality products that provide the services promised.

4) Adaptability

Another key component to e-commerce success is your ability to adapt as a business. The biggest e-commerce platforms such as Amazon have certain guidelines that must be followed to achieve success, guidelines which change randomly without warning or notice. If you’re unable to adapt or spot these changes quickly enough, they can have a drastic and negative impact on your product sales. In order to maintain success and continue to grow, you must constantly monitor your e-commerce business to notice changes quickly and adapt with efficiency.

5) Consistency

The final key component to e-commerce success in 2022 is consistency. When you utilize all of the previous components, e-commerce platforms will work hard to put your listing in front of the right consumers for your specific product. But with that being said, they do so with the expectation that you’re going to keep up with your business on your end. This involves certain things like keeping up with your inventory and ensuring you’re driving traffic to your e-commerce listing. If you neglect to do these things, your e-commerce ranking will suddenly drop and you’ll lose out on sales. Make sure you stay consistent, keep up with inventory, and never miss deadlines in order to ensure your e-commerce business continues to experience growth.

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