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When GAMMA first partnered with Flying Cork, the company had only been in the pickleball market since July 2016. They had experienced some sales, but not on the level they had anticipated—or needed to make the effort worthwhile. They needed Flying Cork to help make GAMMA Pickleball a respected industry leader.

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  1. Create a digital environment optimized for sales according to ecommerce best practices
  2. Grow organic traffic through SEO best practices and consistent, compelling blog content
  3. Optimize paid search ROI through Google Shopping ads, efficient remarketing, and best-in-class paid search management
  4. Develop a strong social media presence to increase brand awareness and affinity, drive online sales, and gain insights via social listening

To boost sales of the GAMMA Pickleball category while offering an
updated, streamlined user experience for all GAMMA customers,
Flying Cork developed a new website with strong conversion path
optimization, bringing both tennis and pickleball under a unified
brand experience.

Flying Cork also developed an enhanced checkout experience,
migrating GAMMA from a home-grown CMS to WordPress and
Woo Commerce, thereby making the site easier for the product
and content teams to update with increased frequency.



Flying Cork launched multi-touch email collection efforts, gathering email addresses on the website, at checkout, on social media, and during live events. Consumers could opt-in to receive information about pickleball, tennis, or both, ensuring that they received only what they truly wanted to read.

Flying Cork began deploying monthly newsletters to the pickleball audience in March 2017, rapidly earning some of the highest performance metrics we’ve experienced across virtually any of our clients.

Pickleball’s highly engaged audience delivered a 55% open rate, compared to 25% industry average, and a 19% click-through rate, versus an industry average of 3%.


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