Flying Cork’s team of digital marketing experts will create the right marketing mix to deliver your message to your target audience. We’ll turn your strategic road map into executable campaigns designed to inspire prospects to take action. At every touchpoint, we’ll learn more about them. We’ll pivot, turn on a dime, and adjust what we’re saying and where we’re saying it based on what your audience and campaigns tell us.

Analytics and Reporting

If a marketing campaign isn’t tracked, did it have any impact on your bottom line?

There’s no marketing campaign worth the dollars spent if you can’t pinpoint its ROI—and the beauty of digital campaigns is that everything is trackable.

  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and success benchmarks unique to your business and overall marketing strategy
  • Collect and analyze data as soon as your campaigns are up and running—spend, event tracking, social campaign sales attribution
  • Analyze data across a variety of advertising, social, and analytics platforms, both free and paid
  • Leverage our 8+ years’ experience with Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, including solution design, reporting, and implementation strategy
  • Turn your data into easily digestible reports to help you understand how your marketing efforts are performing
  • Evolve your digital campaigns based on how your audience is reacting to them

Marketing Automation / CRM

Today’s customers want content that speaks directly to them–their interests, their business needs, their stage in the buying process.

The key to achieving this is having the right systems in place to handle the intricacies of the customer journey.

  • Identify the system that suits your organization best. Whether it’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Marketo or something else entirely, we’ll help you find the right technology for you
  • Define your unique communication strategy—point of entry, lead nurturing, progressive profiling, marketing automation and beyond
  • Learn about your customers at every stage, capturing information and turning it into actionable data
  • Ensure all steps of your strategy are working in concert to convert lead to customer, and customer to loyal brand advocate
  • Create drip marketing campaigns, connecting back to your content strategy and mapping out the logic—or we’ll train your team to deploy their own messages

Email Marketing

The days of blasting emails to a purchased list are over.

Today’s consumer wants messaging that relates to them at their precise stage of the decision-making process.

  • Develop a strategy that speaks to customers’ pain points and delivers messaging that hits home
  • Ensure your data is clean and that you have everything you need to get the first message out the door
  • Learn the law—make sure you’re compliant with CAN-SPAM and other legislation
  • Help build your subscriber list from the ground up, or find new ways to build your existing list
  • Establish email preferences for customers—this will enable you to be as broad or as targeted as you want
  • Test cross-platform deliverability and performance so that your emails are always consistent
  • Measure the results and analyze performance for better insights on future deliveries

Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t just about copywriting for your website.

It’s really not something you ever truly finish. Your digital content is a living, breathing combination of everything you share online – your site, social media, your blog, videos, Instagram, the list goes on.

  • Create content grounded in the foundation of your content strategy, including blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, and more
  • Tailor your message to through finesse and fluency in the medium of choice
  • Test and retest—learn what engages your audience
  • Adapt—evolve your message while always staying true to your overall identity

Social Media Marketing

Social media continues to blaze new trails in how companies communicate with customers.

Our team will give your social presence a reboot by finding the right strategy to connect you with your audience.

  • Scope out your competition—find out what you need to do to make an impact
  • Match the message to the platform—put the right content in the right place
  • Grow your social presence—because you can’t have a discussion if there’s no one on the other side
  • Find your aesthetic—curate social profiles that are true to your brand
  • Manage your profiles—let us post for you

Data driven choices

Flying Cork’s emphasis on data-driven marketing is the needed measurable impact on your business’s bottom line.


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