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How We Help Our Clients Succeed on Amazon

  • Niche Analysis

    Figure out what the competitive landscape looks like and strategize how to position you to capture market share.

  • Keyword Identification and Listing Optimization

    Amazon’s search algorithm is complicated, and constantly evolving. We get the right words in the right places to make sure potential customers are able to find your listing quickly and easily when searching on Amazon, and constantly monitor status regularly to ensure consistent performance and identify areas for further improvement.

  • Visually Interesting Product Photography & Videography

    We will create a visual asset portfolio in compliance with Amazon’s ever-changing Terms of Service which tells your product’s story and helps convert shoppers into customers.

  • Warehousing & Logistical Support

    We have the capacity and ability to receive, store, and prep/process your products in a secure, clean location & manage inventory to minimize stock-outs.

  • Advertising & Pricing Support

    We strategically price for profit and conversion in coordination w/ Pay Per Click advertising campaigns & advanced marketing techniques to get your product launched as quickly as possible.

  • Packaging Design and Development

    We will evaluate your current packaging to make sure it is as efficient as possible. If a change is warranted, our designers will present attractive, size-efficient packaging to maximize your profits.

  • Website Development & Optimization

    Our team of web developers can create easy to navigate, professional websites to drive traffic to Amazon & grow your brand.

  • Digital Marketing Strategies

    As a Premier Google Partner, Flying Cork is positioned to help you grow your entire business. There are countless ways to reach your customers both on and off Amazon, and we will deploy every strategy in the book to capture as much market share as possible for you. Our marketing experts specialize in email, content, and social media marketing; all of which are crucial to dominating the e-commerce world.

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