First impressions are everything. Our creative and development teams work directly with our information architects and content strategists to create engaging user experience design, striking a balance between your business goals, aesthetics, and function, creating engaging experiences and holding your customers’ attention.

Your website, content, technology platforms and your design assets are crucial elements of your business. They tell the world who you are and what you do. They bring in leads, catch attention, generate sales, and increase your bottom line.

These are your most valuable partners. We make sure they work just as hard as you do.

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Creative Direction

If you’re in need of a new website or application, our creative direction will help determine the best solution for your company.

Combining art and strategy, we’ll bring your marketing presence in alignment with your brand, business and user goals. Here are some of the things we’ll do:

  • Discover your audience: find out who they are, what they need and what makes them tick.
  • Create realistic user profiles through our in-depth discovery process
  • Determine the messaging and design that will best speak to your internal and external users
  • Create a content strategy to determine how your website will cohesively fit with your messaging

User Experience

Time is ticking–you only have four seconds to grab a user’s attention.

Should they stay or should they go? A sound User Experience will dictate the answer to that question. Our user experience experts will help you guide your customers to go where they need to be.

  • Create a pleasurable and informative user experience that’s consistent across platforms
  • Learn what works and what doesn’t through A/B testing, user surveys, focus groups and heat maps
  • Assess the standards and behavior patterns of your target audience and build a strategy around the findings
  • Find a blend of structure, visual design and storytelling to create a feature-rich, user-friendly product

eCommerce Development and Strategy

In today’s competitive market, you need a sound eCommerce strategy if you want sales.

Create a scalable solution that grows with your business. We also have a full-time Amazon expert and have the team to manage Amazon Sales, Amazon PPC, and inventory management.

  • Find the right ecommerce solution for your needs—don’t spring for all the bells and whistles if you don’t need them
  • Create a unified ecommerce site design on any platform or with any API call—Wordpress, Shopify, Magento and more
  • Get comprehensive training for your staff
  • Keep your customers’ payment data safe
  • Optimize it: our development team works closely with our SEO and Analytics team for seamless tracking capabilities and optimal searchability

Custom Website Development

Today’s savvy users demand similarly user-friendly experiences on both mobile and desktop devices.

In order for your website to deliver, you need a powerhouse development team in your corner.

  • Get an assessment of what solution will work best for you, whether that’s a WordPress template, fully modified theme, or a custom build
  • Trust our mobile-first approach: know your site will look good and function well on any size screen
  • Fully integrate your website with other sales and marketing needs, from custom back-end databases to Salesforce and more
  • Test designs and landing pages so that you’ll always use the ones that have the best ROI—don’t leave your success up to guesswork
  • Have access to a team that bring expertise in hosting, frameworks and languages
  • Configure or build on Linux or Microsoft platforms, with frameworks like .NET, PHP and Node.js

Graphic Design

Communicating a message that resonates with your audience isn’t accomplished through words alone.

It’s done through meaningful graphics, illustrations, and layouts that grab users by the collar and pull them closer.

  • Create graphics that supplement your messaging and bring ad copy to life
  • Design attractive landing pages that encourage conversion
  • Find designs that resonate with your audience, drive engagement and attract new customers
  • Inspire, inform, sell and motivate through visual detail
  • Design for all platforms so that designs are consistent across devices

UX begins with Understanding

Design and Development are important. However, the 1 to 1 customer journey is critical for brand success. To ENGAGE users, you must guide their experience. Thus setting the stage for great creative work and content, which helps RETAIN your RIGHT customer.


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