We believe that communications is the cornerstone of any great marketing campaign. The ability to create engaging content that resonates with your audience can make or break a brand. Our team is dedicated to actively learning about our clients, their challenges, audiences, goals, and dreams so we can carefully craft a variety of meaningful content that tells their story. From infographics to videos, Flying Cork is here to make your brand’s voice an unforgettable one.

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Public Relations

A guided journey through media relations, positioning, strategic partnerships, event management, charity integration, and brand messaging. Driven through content deployment and multi-staged strategic planning.

General Content Development

Intuitive content creation for websites, blogs, case studies, and business operations that drives home brand messaging, engages audiences, and provides value.

Marketing + Advertising

We create marketing content and messaging that speaks to your audience, and advertising copy that gets people excited about your brand. It’s more than words on a screen or page, it’s your voice. It’s why people trust your brand. We understand, and want to help you slay the two-headed dragon that is Marketing and Advertising.

Specialty Content

Not every content project is as cut and dry as a blog or website, and that’s why we have a team of content ninjas who create specialty projects in a wide variety of mediums. From small to large scale video production and digital + print magazines to comic books and audio blogs, Flying Cork’s specialty content team can add extra kick to the hot wings that are your brand.

Find. Engage. Retain.

Our mission is never complete.


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