What’s in a Name?

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Your company’s name means something. It’s the first thing potential customers learn about you. It’s how your story with them begins.

Our name means something, too. In fact, Flying Cork came to be because we are driven to help our clients create celebratory moments of their own. Whether that means closing your first sale, increasing year-over-year metrics, or delivering a greater number of sales leads to your team, those moments mean everything to your business. Big or small, when we link our name with yours, we become a part of your team, helping create those wins.

Our name means your success.

How can you learn from our experience and create a company name that aligns with your vision?

The marketing team at Flying Cork put together a comprehensive list of tips that you can lean on to help you get the most out of your branding.

Wordplay is Memorable.

Although it can undoubtedly be stressful, having your own business means that you get to be the boss and call the shots. With the decision-making power in your hands, we encourage you to push the limits and think about using a play-on-words or phrases that help make your brand stand out from your competitors in your niche. This technique, if carried out correctly, can result in a very memorable name that aligns with your overall business strategy and mission.

If you’re simply not sure if your audience will understand the play-on-words that you’re thinking about using, the only way to see if it will resonate is to get valuable feedback. We suggest that you employ the resources that are readily available to you and use them to gauge interest. A great tool to use is social media. Use your social channels as a means to engage with your target audience and get their feedback on potential names.  Now, if you want a more targeted approach, you can use additional resources like Squadhelp to help you nail down a company name.

Be Direct and Meaningful.

Sometimes, a simple approach to deciding on a name is exactly what your company needs. If you want your name to reflect your product or service, start to collect and pinpoint words that will help customers make a quick correlation between your name and what you do. This approach to branding your company can become a bit difficult when it comes to snagging an associated URL for your website.  We suggest that as you’re brainstorming company names, you search for the URL on GoDaddy to make sure that you can reserve one that matches your company name. Consistency across all aspects of your business, from the URL to your social profiles and everything in between, will help create a harmonious connection that will help create and solidify a sense of cohesion and brand recognition.

A great example of being direct and meaningful when deciding on a company name is the Original Mattress Factory because their name clearly articulates their product and service. A consumer can, at first glance, process the type of business and its function.

Pick a Name that Will Grow with Your Business.

Don’t limit your company’s potential growth because of a name. If you pick too narrow of a name and one that’s laser-focused on a particular niche, you’re limiting the future development of your company because your name reflects a granular aspect of your business. Consider a name that’s all-encompassing and one that’s general yet relevant and can grow with your business as you expand.

Choosing the right name for your company can help you be easily recognized while the wrong name can lead to anonymity and, worst case, failure. At the end of the day, you want your company’s name to mirror your expertise, promote your uniqueness and supplement your overall brand strategy and mission.

Where does Flying Cork fit into all of this?

Once you’ve decided on your company’s name, we’ll help you tell your unique story to your ideal audience, making your marketing dollars work harder finding, engaging and retaining your customers.


Flying Cork will create a profile of your ideal customer – how they think, behave, and convert. We’ll identify where and how your audience wants to hear from you, and what they need to learn from your message. Then, we’ll use that data to create marketing and content strategies, and start telling your prospects all about you.


Once you’ve generated leads, how are you keeping their interest piqued? Flying Cork’s marketing automation and content syndication strategies can deliver regular content to prospects and customers alike based on where they are in your sales cycle. Whether you’re first engaging with them, or working to ensure next year’s contract, we can deliver the right message, right when they need it.


Just as you engage with prospects, you need to keep the lines of communication open with your existing customers. Stellar customer services goes without saying. To back that up, Flying Cork can develop a detailed, evolving content plan to establish a continuous dialogue between your brand and your right customers, ensuring they keep coming back.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with digital marketing, we want to invite you to the first installment of our Google product webinar series, “The Future of Paid Advertising: Google and Beyond!”.