The Power of Social Sharing Buttons

Usually when a character in a movie is told not to touch a button, the outcome of doing so would probably result in someone being catapulted out of their chair or the floor opening up under them. Isn’t it funny how buttons can hold such power? Well that powerful notion applies to social sharing buttons, except in a more positive way.

Social sharing buttons are a great tool to incorporate into your blog posts and today we are going to explore why

At their core, blogs are an important piece in the social media puzzle. Blogs allow a company to explore and write about different facets of their industry, their company and any other relevant information. Let’s say, that you’ve just written a blog for your company that offers a fresh perspective on a particular topic and you want to be able to share this information for everyone to see. You think to yourself, “People are going to love this and learn so much from this piece!” But, not so fast; there’s a small problem. Your company’s blog doesn’t have social sharing buttons.

So, basically, your wonderful content is going to stay perfectly tucked away in the depths of the website only to be happened upon by an explorer of your site who finds this buried treasure in the company’s blog.

Social sharing buttons are an easy, no-fuss way to maximize the exposure to and engagement with your blog content. Not to mention, these buttons create an opportunity for repeated user contact since people may start to follow your channels as a result of your posts, which, is a win-win situation.

Furthermore, you can pick and choose where users can share your content on social media outlets. For instance, if you think that your blog wouldn’t work on Pinterest, then there’s no need to add that icon. However, if you think that your content is well-suited for Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter, then by all means add those social icons.

The fact of the matter is, social sharing buttons are a great tool to incorporate on each and every blog post

In short, adding social sharing buttons to your blog is a great, cost-effective way to market your brand. If you think about it, millions of people all over the world are actively engaging with social network sites each day. So, when a user shares your blog post on his/her social sites, your content will be seen by even more people who will click on the shared link. The chain that is created then increases the amount of traffic to your blog. If you keep publishing interesting and creative content on your blogs and include the social sharing buttons, the odds of your blog getting shares, likes and retweets will keep on growing.

With that being said; how about sharing this blog through the power of social icons.