Take These Five Social Media Tips in Stride

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As the Content Manager at Flying Cork, when it comes time to kick off social with a client or work on revamping existing platforms, there are a few things I always keep in mind and recommend when creating or updating social profiles. Today, as a former basketball player, I’m going to explain my social media tips through my second language – a basketball metaphor. When you’re making changes to your company’s social presence, these are items that you’ll want to keep in mind.

So without further ado, here’s the starting lineup (aka, top five social media tips):

Run the point

When creating or updating social presence, you should see yourself as the point guard. You’re the general on the court of your social media platforms; you call the plays. It’s important to remember however, that your company’s marketing director is the coach and the marketing strategy is your playbook, so it’s beneficial to work in collaboration toward a single goal – social media success. This leads to our next point:

Have a game plan

Before you begin a new project, it’s extremely important to have a kickoff conversation so that you and your team can understand what exactly you’re looking to accomplish through your social profiles. Once you understand that, it’s time to do your research. Draw up a game plan that’s infused with creativity and a well-crafted strategy that can be put into play.

Ask the fans

The fans bring the energy, and, in the case of social media, your fans will bring the data. Social media allows companies to connect with their audiences on a more genuine level. However, to accomplish that level of authenticity, you’ll have to deeply understand who your current and potential customers are by collecting data and insightful information about your audience with the help of Facebook and Twitter analytics tools. From there, you can razzle and dazzle them and keep them cheering for more!

Trick play

When it comes to social presence, you want to find balance with your content just like you’d want to find balance while on the court. What I mean by this is that you want to be consistently good in that you publish posts that are informative, creative and speak to your target audience. It’s through this persistence and practice that your fans will know that every time they come to your game (social media page) they’ll expect to see a great performance. However, there are times when you want to channel your inner- Harlem Globetrotter where you razzle and dazzle the crowd and pique their interest even more! This type of post is what I like to refer to as a “trick play” that seems to come out of nowhere and leave your followers intrigued and wanting more!

Size matters

Think of profile pictures and cover photos as your basketball team’s uniform – they both play a large role in making a first impression on the competition, and they’re what the consumer (fans) will see first. That’s why you’d never show up to a game with oversized or undersized, mismatched uniforms. Rather, you want to show up with perfectly fitted, matching, stylish uniforms that say you are ready for the game. This same notion applies to your social images. That’s why it’s so important to have professional and perfectly sized images to add to your credibility. Remember, pixilation is your enemy. These pictures will help users recognize your brand, but they’ll also entice them to click on your profile and browse away! But if they don’t look like the quality they would expect from you, poor photos can also make a fan consider swearing their allegiance to another team.

In the end, size does matter.

Now, these were just the starting five – wait until you see how much depth is on the bench. Check back in the coming weeks to see what I’m talking about!

Social media on three – One…Two…Three…Social media!