SEO: The Shifting Landscape

In a previous post, we addressed how Google is fine-tuning their search algorithm for longer, more complicated searches to provide the best results to their users. When looking at the big picture, this is just the most recent change in a long line of updates from the search giant. Though there has been a large increase in the number of these changes recently, there are doubtlessly more changes coming down the pipe, as Google continues to move closer toward providing higher quality search results. What does this mean to your business? One thing: Don’t get comfortable.

It’s no secret that SEO has changed drastically over the past few years, and Google has proved it’s not afraid to roll out an update that throws conventional SEO wisdom out the window. It wasn’t long ago that copywriters needed to write with a specific percentage of keyword density, and buying links on link directories could prop up your page rank. These types of practices just don’t work anymore, and your SEO strategy has to be flexible enough to adapt to these and other changes in the landscape. There is no magic bullet in SEO; only solid strategy.

So, how do you build a plan for SEO in this constantly-changing environment? Start with the basics:

1) Develop a solid content strategy: This is by far the most important piece. Content is king in
SEO and should be relevant, well-thought out, and implemented correctly across your entire

2) Optimize your web presence: Make sure your users can connect with you across multiple
channels. Occasionally overlooked, social and mobile are very important channels for SEO.
Consider making your site responsive and investing more energy into your social presence.

3) Out with the old, in with the new: If your site was built using any of the older methods of
SEO, you may need to re-evaluate their effectiveness and remove what is no longer relevant.
Keyword stuffing, directory backlinks, paid links; all of these should be purged to avoid any
possible damage to your SERP’s.

Above all, remain focused on how SEO is changing. Preparing your site for new algorithm changes is important, but even more important is focusing on why the changes are happening in the first place. In this ever-changing landscape, you have to look farther down the road to avoid the potholes.

Mike Perri is the Digital Account Executive at Flying Cork.