Practicing What you Preach as an Interactive & Digital Agency

If you haven’t noticed, Flying Cork has gotten a new facelift. Our new responsive designed site was the pivotal first step into truly adopting the methodologies and strategies we recommend to our clients. The truth is, over the past six months, Flying Cork has shifted our focus from a full-fledged media agency to one that is 100% focused on interactive & digital marketing.

Why the switch?

At Flying Cork, we believe all insights are in data that syncs across systems. Digital marketing is the best way to quantify and measure dollars in and dollars out. To do great work, we knew we needed focused experts on staff whose skills and abilities were tailored towards all aspects of digital marketing. Simply put, our goal is to show our customers their marketing ROI on all digital initiatives. We do this whether that’s through a new website, SEO strategy, adoption of a marketing automation solution or improvements in their paid search efforts. We ensure your data is correct and accurate from your web analytics package all the way down to your CRM.

To avoid being hypocrites, Flying Cork is fully adopting and implementing every strategy we recommend to our clients. We’re taking what we preach and implementing it into our company’s digital marketing strategy. This started with a fully responsive website, but it certainly doesn’t stop there.

Moving forward every week, we will discuss a new strategy or tactic we have implemented into our own marketing efforts here at Flying Cork, along with expectations and results. Topics will range from why we chose Hubspot over Pardot for our marketing automation efforts to what the latest Google Algorithm update did to our rankings. This series is going to be 100% transparent, because at the end of the day, there is no secret sauce to a successful digital strategy; it’s all about execution (ok and it makes for some great unique content too…see full transparency). Until next time…

Dan Monarko is the Director of Digital Media & Data Integration at Flying Cork.