New Year, New Twitter Profile

Twitter profile

Out with the old and in with the new and today, I want to offer you some Twitter profile tips that are perfect for YOU!

As we embark on the first month of 2015, we hold tight our New Year’s resolutions. More times than not, New Year’s resolutions are a tad cliché! We all would like to kick a bad habit, work out more and eat less and get organized.

This year, we want to give you a New Year’s resolution that’s a little more feasible: revamping your Twitter profile to make it stand out!

You might be thinking, “What kind of New Year’s resolution is that?” Well, at Flying Cork, we think that this is one resolution that you can keep and the benefits are bountiful for your business!

Update, Update, and Update

Did I mention update? A stale Twitter profile is about as interesting as watching paint dry. As the old saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life,” and this notion applies ten-fold to your business’ Twitter profile! Updating your profile and keeping your followers in the loop is one way to pique their interest and keep their interest. One way to keep followers in the know is to change your profile bio when your company receives new awards or is a launching a new initiative. With that being said, updating your Twitter bio and images not only keeps your profile interesting; it can keep your followers interested in your business, too!

Short and Sweet

Short, sweet and to the point. This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about this and it more than likely will not be the last either! This is the mantra you should repeat to yourself whenever adding content to your profile whether it be it a tweet or an update to your bio. At its core, Twitter is a forum that promotes short and concise messages. One rule of thumb when using Twitter to boost your business is to not mince your words. Rather, by crafting an informative sentence or two, you’ll be able to relay the most important pieces of information that you want your audience to know. In short, decide what’s important, articulate that message in a clear, compelling way, and hit send.


“Hitting the links” no longer is solely about going golfing. In fact, adding links to your Twitter profile is a great way to bring your audience to the main source of information; your website! Twitter offers its users a web link option where you can add your company’s website address as an unshortened URL. Adding your full, unshortened web address is especially great if your company has a personal web domain with your business’ name included! The web link is an essential resource to tell your audience about your company.

Be a People Person

Let me state the obvious: Your followers are important. If you’ve gone through and accomplished the previous steps, it really won’t matter if you don’t have an audience to share them with! Always be mindful of your audience and interact with them. If you have a personal Twitter account and follow your favorite athletes or celebrities, whenever you tweet at them and one of them responds, for that moment in time your world stops, the stars align and you momentarily think you are BFFs. Although that description was a tad on the dramatic side, the case in point is that whenever someone that you follow and admire responds to your tweet, it creates a certain connection between the brand and the person. Translate this notion to your company’s Twitter page and always be responsive to your followers!

All in all, acknowledging your audience’s comments is a great way to create a connection and to show them that their voices are not falling on deaf ears.

So, the next time you log on to your company’s Twitter account; keep these four tips in the back of your head to revamp your Twitter page!

Stay tuned for some new blog topics in the new year!