New Blog, New Year, New You!

As the holidays are approaching our agency wanted to send some fun your way! We came up with a New Year’s Eve Quiz that can tell you your personality by clicking through random photos. At the end, your personality is revealed and recommendations are provided to help plan your night. I decided to put together the results from our office. Here they are:


Over the five different personality types we were shocked to see that the majority were either homebodies or romantics. We for sure thought that we would have had some adventurers and class acts.

The few who were the “Life of the Party” either thought that the quiz got it 100% right, but were shocked there were not more party animals in the office. Joe, one of our designers had stated that maybe once you get older the boring life style comes with it and you take up the personality of a homebody.

The romantics stated that they wished there were better or different food options (such as for vegetarians.)

While getting the results in I was shocked to see the low numbers in “life of the party”, “class act,” and “adventurer categories”. Working in a digital agency people are fun, creative, and the life of the party at work, however maybe once the clock hits 5 p.m. all changes!

Hopefully, this quiz helped you pinpoint just who exactly you are and was helpful in your decision making of what to do to bring in 2014!

Comment below with some of your 2014 Resolutions or reflect on this past year using one word!

Lauren Sauter is the Interactive Account Executive at Flying Cork.