Flying Cork employee Lauren Ortego

We normally start these posts with an explanation of why we’re still posting for National Women’s History Month in April, but do we really need a reason to continue celebrating the amazing women at our company?

Today we’re introducing you to the face behind our Facebook posts, Lauren. In addition to being a beacon of wit and sarcasm – an absolute revolutionary, really, Lauren is a marketing coordinator at Flying Cork, originally from New Kensington, PA. She has a degree in Mass Communication from Point Park University.

Q: What’s the most valuable part of your day? 

A: When I finally crash onto my bed and sit on Twitter for 45 minutes even though I told everyone I already “went to sleep.”

Q: How have you developed professionally since you started working with Flying Cork? 

A: Flying Cork is actually my first full-time job out of college, and so in that sense alone I have learned and grown so much. I’m learning how to operate working in a full-time agency, how many different jobs I am actually able to do, and I have come to realize that content creation comes in many different shapes and forms that were previously unknown to me.

Q: Bagels or Donuts? Why?

A: That depends. Am I getting coffee? Then a donut to balance out the bitter taste. Am I just picking up a quick bite while running out the door because I’m perpetually late? Then an everything bagel with garden veggie cream cheese.

Q: If Hollywood was making a movie about your life, what would the title be, and what actress would you pick to play you? 

A: The title would probably be the sound you make when you didn’t hear something the first time, like “Huh?” or “What was that, again?” and the actress would HAVE to be Raini Rodriguez.

Q: What advice would you give yourself a year ago? 

A: All of the people that you think “have it together,” don’t really. They’re just faking it. It’s ok to not have it figured out.

Q: You’re trapped in a train with 3 people for one month, who do you pick?

A: A five-star chef so we still eat good, a scholar of a subject I don’t know a lot about so that I can at least learn something while we’re trapped in there, and probably my sister.

Q: What has been one of the best moments of your life, so far? 

A: Any time I have traveled. The feeling when I’m about to go to a new place is indescribable. One of my favorite moments so far would probably be when I kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland.

Q: What female professional has made the most impact on your career and why? 

A: Last year from January to August, I worked as an intern and then contributor for the Pittsburgh City Paper, where I had the pleasure of meeting now editor-in-chief Lisa Cunningham. She was very encouraging, even when I felt in doubt of myself and my abilities (which was a lot) and I cannot thank her enough for making me feel like I was good enough and being so willing to answer me when I had questions (also a lot).