Flying Cork employee Lauren Johnson

National Women’s History Month may be over, but time is a human construct, so we’re gonna keep celebrating with another feature of our employee Lauren.

Lauren is a self-proclaimed dork (don’t worry, we aren’t being mean – she says it herself later!) in addition to being a content manager for Flying Cork. She’s also a Point Park University Alumni with a degree in creative writing originally from Pittsburgh, PA.

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Q: What’s the most valuable part of your day?

A: I love learning, so I’m very grateful that my job involves a lot of research into subjects I’d never normally think to delve into. But obviously, my passion is writing so my favorite part of my workday is when I’m hammering out a good piece.

Q: How have you developed professionally since you started working with Flying Cork?

A: Working at Flying Cork, I’ve learned so much about my writing voice and how to adapt to various styles and brands. I feel like I grow as a writer every day.

Q: Bagels or Donuts?

A: Bagels, if I’m having dessert for breakfast it’s going to be ice cream.

Q: If Hollywood was making a movie about your life, what would the title be, and what actress would you pick to play you?

A: Figuring It Out As I Go, starring Gal Godot because I saw Wonder Woman six times in theaters (not joking).

Q: What advice would you give yourself a year ago?

A: I know everyone else believes in you more than you believe in yourself, but guess what? They’re right.

Q: One thing no one knows about you, but you’re going to tell us anyway? 

A: I’m a huge comic book/graphic novel dork. Currently very into the Black Hammer series, but I’d say my go-to imprint is Image Comics. Also a big Whovian, so I guess you could say I’m just an all-around dork, but that’s not much of secret.

Q: What has been one of the best moments of your life, so far?

A: A few years ago, my cousin and I did a big trip where we went to five countries in two weeks- Ireland, the Netherlands, England, Italy, and France. It was the first time I’d ever been outside of the U.S. and experiencing all of the different cultures and people was life-changing.

Q: What female professional has made the most impact on your career and why?

A: Dr. Karen Dwyer, my Professor at Point Park University, has made such a huge impact on my writing and editing abilities. I grew so much as a writer, and found that I also had some skills at content editing, thanks to her guidance over the many courses I had with her. Not only do I adore her, but I couldn’t thank her enough for all of her wisdom, insight, and encouragement. I wouldn’t be where I am now if not for her.