Inbound Marketing: Buzzword or Buzz Worthy?

New Terminology in Advertising is never in short supply. CEOs and VPs that have attended the latest trendy marketing conference returned excited about the new strategies for increasing or measuring advertising and marketing performance. After the strategy discussions and implementation, there is sometimes a letdown when the initiative fails to deliver in the test phase or can’t be implemented because of integration challenges. If you have experienced this, you like many others may have just fell for buzzword bait. Don’t feel bad though, we all know how big data affects our KPI’s. That gamification is essential to achieve synergy and gain social commerce across all earned media.

Then there is inbound. For many of us, we hear, “inbound, inbound, inbound,” so many times we are sick of it. Most would quip, “you mean content marketing or content strategy?” No matter what your buzz word is, this strategy is legit, because you will be pulling a consumer toward a message rather than push one at them.

So, why is there a buzz around inbound/content and marketing/content strategy? Because traditional advertising is constrained by cost, time, space and is difficult to measure. TV is expensive, radio is a fight for airtime, and billboards are limited by physical space. Also, times have changed; we skip ads with our DVR, and pay a premium for streaming to remain ad-free. And, when you do hear of something that peeks your interest, maybe from a social post, news feed, or word of mouth, what is the first thing you do? You search via whatever device that is handy and start making decisions based on search results.

This is where inbound gets fun. Why? Because clever Inbound Marketers can make sure that their clients are findable throughout the search results for short & long-tail search phrases. You see, true inbound is about being findable by your target audiences. That is exactly what inbound does; it helps your company be found, by the ideal consumer. By understanding buyer personas, leveraging social content, keywords, and every other tool, you can wrap a brand around consumer interest. In short, I search for what interests me online, and I find your brand wrapped around my interests. I find the content I am looking for conveniently, and I consider myself lucky I stumbled upon it. I think to myself, “Score,” when in reality, that score is one more for inbound marketing and that is buzz worthy.

Justin Sperandeo is the Account Supervisor at Flying Cork.