For the Love of Blogs!


Blogs are everywhere. Whether it’s a blog about a popular TV show, pets, recipes, fitness or anything in between, blogs are a platform that’s used by many.

But, just because a lot of people are in the blogosphere, doesn’t mean that people are using them correctly. So, today in my blog, I want to start you off with three important tips to keep in mind for the next time you log on to your company’s blog (with permission from your boss of course).

1. Only the Best

Anything less than your best when publishing a blog is not only a waste of your time but your readers’ time as well. That sounded harsh but, let me explain! When crafting content for your company’s blog keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to be looked at like an expert in your field. You want to put your company in a position that when people have an industry-specific question they turn to your blog for the answer. So, if you’re blogging about irrelevant content that’s for lack of a better term, fluff, people won’t take your company seriously. Always remember to keep your thumb on the pulse of your industry and post current, relevant content, often!

2. Style

No, I’m not referencing Taylor Swift’s latest song, I’m talking about your writing style! At their core, blogs are meant to be informal and gives businesses the chance to humanize their company. Your blog is the perfect platform to add personality and to get rid of the sales-y tone. However, just because a blog is informal doesn’t mean that you can substitute S’s for dollar $igns, it’s still a company blog so keep it professional!

3. Share and Share Alike

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this and it more than likely won’t be the last time either! If you want your message to spread like wildfire, you have to make it easy on the reader to share your blog. Take out the extra step of having to copy and paste your blog’s link by simply adding share icons! This will make it easier for people to share your posts and drive traffic to your site. Need more info? Check out my previous blog about the power of social sharing buttons!

Let’s summarize these three tips: Only post your best blog content that shows a hint of personality but is still professional enough that will make people want to share your blog by simply clicking on the social icons!