Flying Cork’s Reaction to Plagiarism, Part 3

This is the very true and bizarre conclusion to an actual series of events here at Flying Cork. For the sake of covering everyone’s ass, I will not call out anyone unduly or reward anyone with unearned SEO discovery. I’ve also changed the names of some of the companies involved (they are bold). This distinction is important because EVERYTHING else is true. Every word. All the names, numbers and weird little tidbits are real.

The story so far: Flying Cork found out someone had stolen our site. We learned who was responsible for the theft. A whois lookup is good for that. After a series of phone calls, Flying Cork filed a DMCA takedown notice with the host of thatsite. Now for the exciting conclusion to Flying Cork’s experience with content scraping and theft.

A few days had passed since the excitement of Monday. The week ended up being so hectic that I hadn’t found time to check on my takedown request. But that wouldn’t last long because as Friday morning broke the horizon.. s*** got real.

And then I was rewarded…. like Woooooo!

I woke up to the greatest voicemail I have ever personally received. Evar. No lie. Enjoy.

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again, with a bigger stick

By law, hosting providers have 48 hours to respond to a DMCA takedown notice. The overnight voicemail made it clear that we were dealing with a troll. The next morning, I logged into the TRIPLE0 hosting company’s support ticket system to see that my ticket was closed. But the site was still up. Ohhh hell no. Done.

So I began the steps I outlined previously – all over again. Only this time, looking for the host of TRIPLE0. Immediately, I encountered the other aspect of domain registration vs. domain hosting. Many registrars offer privacy add-ons to domain owners to keep their personal information private. It means that I couldn’t tell who was hosting TRIPLE0 just by looking at the whois result.

But luckily, we were still in the game. Taking another look at the source code for thatsite I saw a javascript link – a stat counter for the host of TRIPLE0. That was easy.


Good thing I had kept a copy of the form from earlier. I was able to easily take the same DMCA notice to the actual host. By the end of the business day – I received a polite and apologetic email from the host of TRIPLE0 informing me that the fake site had been removed. Just like that. Done.

End of story. Flying Cork 1, Odin Wellington 0.

Conclusion: Here’s the long and short of it. Relax and gather the facts, any way you can. Write everything down*. Use the resources I mentioned in the previous post. It will could go along way to helping you resolve the situation yourself without the cost of involving the legal people. But understand, if it doesn’t quickly come to the above resolution in your own case – contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

*you never know when you’ll have to write up a blog post that your big mouth thought was a super idea! And blame my boss for not letting me publish the Wayne’s World-themed version of this same story. Something about copyright material or such stuff… sounds made up to me.