Flying Cork Presents: The Summer Cork Series

Flying Cork Summer Cork Series with traveling employees

The Summer Cork Series: Summer has come and gone and Fall is in full swing here in Pittsburgh.

While some people joyfully retired their bathing suits for another year and traded their normal latte for the pumpkin spice variety, others might be feeling the blues knowing that winter is coming (Did you read that in Ned Stark’s voice?).

Summer’s just a memory now, but this year, we encouraged our team to engage with us while they were away from the office. But what about work/life balance, you may be asking?

Don’t worry: we didn’t force everyone to work while on vacation. Instead, we wanted to try something fun.

Since we’re a digital agency that goes by the name Flying Cork, we tend to have a plethora of branded corks in various places around the office for a “Summer Cork Series.”

So, before a team member hit the dusty trail prior to a trip, we asked if they’d grab a cork and take some pictures while on vacation.

We asked and the team delivered!

From the beach, to Berlin, to London, to Niagara Falls, some of our Flying Cork team members took us along for their trips and we’re glad that they did!

Without further ado, here’s a glimpse into some of our team members’ summer vacations!

Let’s start with our Senior Manager of Marketing Automation & Email, Krystal’s trip! She took her cork along for the ride as she traveled to Niagara Falls in Canada after her wedding.

“The Whirlpool Aero Car ride was my favorite activity we did on our mini-moon in Niagara Falls. My husband and I rented bikes one afternoon and made our way to this popular attraction about two miles away from the falls. The wait was long, but the views were fantastic!”

Summer Cork SeriesSummer Cork Series

Next we’re turning to our SEO manager Jen’s summer trip. This wasn’t just any trip; in fact, she lived abroad for the summer and captured some pretty awesome pictures with her cork!

 Summer Cork Series

Bradenburg Gate, Berlin 

Summer Cork Series

Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

Summer Cork Series

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic                

“I got really lucky this summer with an opportunity to live in Berlin. I traveled to four other countries while I was abroad, including England, France, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands, but Berlin stole my heart. There’s so much recent history to take in and so many interesting people to meet—people from all over the world. It broadened my perspective on so many things! Plus, beer! Really good beer!”

Tessa, our Interactive Developer, made her way to London and used social media to let us know where she was visiting in real time! While we were at our desks in Pittsburgh, Tessa was letting us do some sightseeing vicariously through her Instagram feed.

Summer Cork Series

“The most amazing thing about my vacation was just this feeling I would get when I entered an old building. Some of the places we visited such as Puzzlewood and the City of Bath have existed for centuries and there was just this mysterious feeling that would overcome me. Knowing that I’m standing where so many have stood before was a very cool feeling.”

While we have some jetsetters here at Flying Cork, I stayed domestic and traveled to both Chicago and Florida!

What’s more fitting than a picture at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago with some airplanes in the background? Get the connection? FLYing Cork and flying planes?


Clearwater, Florida

At Flying Cork, we’re all about finding a work/life balance that allows us to see the world and still deliver high-quality work to our clients.

So, as some of our team members went wheels up around the world this summer, we couldn’t help but share a glimpse into their vacations for a fun little Summer Cork Series!

We hope you enjoyed! Cheers!