Conquering Your Online Lead Generation Strategy

Times are changing faster and faster, nowadays. Founder of Delco Electric, Charles Kettering once said, “The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” Don’t worry; I’m not going to get all deep and philosophical. I make this point simply because this philosophy has always proved true in the world of digital advertising and online lead generation, and I always stress this to our clients. It’s important to understand what’s changing and how to adapt to the new climate.

Ads, Ads Everywhere

In its infancy, quite a few advertisers saw the internet as a giant billboard; buying up all the ad space they could afford on the most popular websites, and this worked, but only for a while. Since that time, consumers have been inundated with ads everywhere online, and site owners have developed platforms and strategies to squeeze ads into every possible ounce of real estate on their sites and monetize whatever they can. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of these ads starts to fall off, drastically.

“Ad Immunity”

This type of advertising has saturated the web for so long that many consumers are practically immune to any messaging delivered in this manner Here’s an example: : You’re in the market for the new iPhone, so you decide to do some research online. You find a great article on a reputable site that has some helpful information on the device, but about a paragraph into reading the article: BAM! Pop-up ad! Apparently, “Tom’s Electronic Expo” is having a 20% off sale. At least that’s what you thought the ad said. You’re not sure because you didn’t really read it anyway, before clicking that big red ‘X’. Annoying, right? You’re not alone. . If you’re the advertiser in that pop-up, you’ve just wasted money serving that ad to someone who didn’t even give it a chance. On top of that, you may have even given your brand a negative connotation because you’ve actually impacted the user experience.

A Solid Lead Gen Strategy Can Help

Now, I can’t claim that all of these types of sites are ineffective for everyone. There are a few ways to make this type of advertising work for advertisers, especially if you’re looking for branding, exclusively. If you’re trying to tie these types of efforts to a CPL however, your dollars would be better spent in paid search or other lead generation channels.
If you’re in the dark about how to best develop your online lead generation efforts, ask your agency to come up with a strategy. Demand things like clear calls-to-action, and an outline of possible lead channels. Make sure they can provide demographic information on anything they recommend testing, and ensure it matches your own. Finding effective lead channels can require a testing period, but the right agency should be able to point you down the right path.