Breaking Down the Anatomy of a Good Blog

A piece of advice that I previously offered was to humanize your blog, which in essence, means writing in a conversational style and trying not to sound like a robot spitting out code.

So, we are going to “humanize” this post from another angle, by taking a closer look at the anatomy of a good blog and examining the integral parts that make blogs the valves that lead straight to the heart of your company.

So, get out your gloves, mask and scalpel; actually, a pen and paper would suffice for this instance and let’s get going!


For starters, your blog should begin with an attention-grabbing title that will entice people to click on your post. Blogs that lead with boring titles will usually fall flat. For example, if you have a boring blog title, it’s kind of like you are playing a rousing game of Operation and you keep hitting the edge of each opening spurring on that annoying buzzing sound. So, think outside of the box. Keep the content at the forefront and try to incorporate puns to draw readers into reading your post. Creativity goes a long way when writing titles.


Once you’ve done that, the next step is to keep them there! The best way to do that is to write interesting content. As a rule of thumb, each blog post that you write should offer a solution to a problem. For this blog in particular, we are giving you a solution for boring blogs by suggesting that you stitch interesting information into your blog. Always remember to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry so that you can stay current and write relevant content.


You have probably heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” before. And let’s just say we hope that you never write a blog that is actually 1,000 words. Instead, rather than posting content heavy blogs, break up the monotony with images. By adding pictures to your blog, you will be adding a visual element that will help support your content.


Last but not least, give readers the option to share your blog. By doing so, you are increasing the chance your company will be discovered via social media. Each and every time that you write a new blog post, you are creating content that people could potentially share on social media networks like Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Sharing is caring, and this business practice will help expose your blog, your business, and your company to a new audience who might not know that your company exists.

In order to keep a healthy blog presence for your company, you have to nurture your consumers with a steady dose of creativity and originality when creating your content. This can be done in a number of ways. For starters, create an attention grabbing title, add interesting content and eye-catching images, and last but not least, give the reader the option to share your content.

Well, that concludes our quick lesson on the anatomy of a good blog. As always, happy blogging!