Bolster your Business with Blogs

It may seem odd that we are blogging about blogs, but we just want to articulate how integral of a piece they are to your company’s puzzle.

When blogging began to push full-steam ahead in the communication world during the late 1990s, people were initially using it to provide a unique way to share their opinions, thoughts, feelings and experiences with others.

Well, that’s exactly what blogs still do to this day! Except now, companies are getting smart and utilizing blogs to bolster their business by increasing their digital presence.

In 2012, HubSpot, a marketing software company, conducted a survey that showed businesses that don’t blog are considered to be the minority. From 2009 to 2011 the percentage of businesses with blogs grew from 48% to 65% which illustrates just how important and prevalent blogs are in the business world.

So, why exactly is having a company blog so important for a business? Let’s take a look at a few key points that we hope will clearly explain just how important a blog is to your business.

Voice- Whether your voice is formal or informal, the rule of thumb is to keep your blog posts aligned with your product type and audience. Be sure to always write your blog in a conversational style; after all, you are talking directly to your reader. Always remember to keep your audience’s needs at the forefront of your blog, to form relationships with new customers and to nurture existing relationships.

Let your presence be known– Your online presence is crucial to the success of not only your blog, but also your company as well. When your presence flourishes, you will then be able to establish higher quality inbound links that will in turn improve your website SEO and traffic. In short, making your presence known is like walking into a party and screaming, “I’m here!”; people will hear you loud and clear, plus, who doesn’t want to be the life of the party? So, it’s a good idea to translate those vibes into your posts and let your presence be known in the world of blogs.

Trust building- A stark website alone can raise the eyebrows of consumers to question a company’s credibility. But, incorporating a blog to your website can work to solidify your credibility. It will allow you to expand on important topics in the industry, and expand on how your company is involved. Whether it’s a quick link, a short post, or maybe even a picture, correlating information with your industry and your company is a great way to solidify trust between you and the consumers. Keep in mind; months of trust building can be thrown away with a single blog post. Remember to always be honest and accurate with your blog content. In the end, “honesty is the best policy,” and this age-old saying continues to ring true.

More than just a company- Blogging has the potential to humanize your company, making it more than just a business. Just as we said before, it’s all about your voice and your delivery. If you want to connect with people through a blog, make your blog feel like it is written by a person and not a robot. After all, people do not respond as well to what seems to be robotic or automated messages.

Out with the old in with the new- Relinquish those tendencies of filling your blog with corporate jargon, and consider infusing content that relate to people. If you not only center your social media efforts, but also your blog efforts as well on building relationships with your audience and providing them with interesting content, they will likely keep coming back for more.

Creating a solid blog that’s filled with interesting and relevant content is reminiscent of a great pie where people will keep coming back for seconds, thirds and so on and so forth. In short, make people crave your blog content, and serve it up with a healthy side of creativity.

Happy blogging everyone!

Maria Londino is the Assistant Account Executive at Flying Cork.