Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

back to the future day

October 21, 2015. Does this date ring a bell to you? Hello, McFly! Today is Back To The Future Day, a.k.a. the day that Marty McFly and Doc traveled to the future in Back to the Future II! Feeling old yet?

Though it may seem hard to believe, what the ‘80s viewed as the future is now. So we decided to honor the day by taking a quick spin back in tiiii-me to see how well they predicted what 2015 would look like, especially in the digital world we’re immersed in.

We have the keys in the ignition of the DeLorean, so hold on to your hoverboards people, Flying Cork’s going Back to the Future! Cue the Huey Lewis.

By George, I Think They’ve Got It!

Amazingly enough, the movie actually foreshadowed some of the current trends:

  1. Hoverboards – Back in 1989, the idea of Marty McFly’s hoverboard was mind-blowing. However, we’ve seen a few variations of this invention, such as Lexus’ spin on a working hoverboard, and Tony Hawk’s version, known as the Hendo.
  2. Wearable tech – Marty McFly had a talking jacket and today in 2015, we have watches and glasses that communicate with us throughout the day.
  3. Wall-mounted TVs – Yes, believe it or not, the idea of mounting your television to the wall was so futuristic, movie-goers couldn’t believe their eyes. But the advent of the flat screen made wall-mounted TVs the status quo in many people’s homes today.

So Close, Yet So Far Away

But just as they foreshadowed of what we see today, Back to the Future II definitely had a few misses.

  1. Flying cars – I think everyone, even in this day and age, still pictures the future as a place where cars are zipping around the sky. Despite the curiosity that surrounds this futuristic idea, the wheels of our cars are still geared for road traffic only!
  2. Food hydrators – The idea of a food hydrator from Back to the Future II hasn’t come to fruition just yet. Despite the fact that we can now send a pizza emoji to Domino’s and they’ll deliver you a pizza, Marty McFly’s Food Hydrator where you placed a small, pocket-sized pizza into the contraption and a large pizza comes out, is still an idea for the future. The closest thing might just be military MREs – just add water. Needless to say, we have a way to go on that.
  3. Fashion – Thankfully, the idea of the double-tie fad hasn’t become a trend in 2015, nor has the sound-effect programmable vest.

The Big Elephant Shark in the Room

Now, since we are a digital and interactive agency, it’s only right that we spend some time on the famous Jaws 19 billboard scene:

Looks like 1989 thought advertising was going to go digital in 2015. Obviously, not so far from the truth! Although the holographic Jaws 19 leaping off the billboard was a little farfetched, at its core was a fundamental idea regarding the importance of digital advertising today.

The digital marketing age that was foreshadowed in Back to the Future II is now. Today, agencies like Flying Cork help companies virtually leap off the screen to grab the attention of consumers. Granted, we’re not creating virtual biting sharks (yet!), but we’re enabling companies to be more precise than ever before – no more mass outreach for a minuscule return.

Our digital media buying team disrupts the traditional plane by researching and customizing the right blend of paid search, display placements, third-party lead gen social media opportunities and more for each individual client and their customers.

So today, on October 21, 2015, enjoy the idea that we are in fact, Back to the Future.