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Women’s History Month: Get to know Sydney

Everyone loves a good trilogy, right? Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future – you get the point. In honor of those great trilogies, Flying Cork is honoring National Women’s History Month (March) for a third month. This is the last and final post for the celebration, which we are now very […]

Women’s History Month: Get to know Lauren O

We normally start these posts with an explanation of why we’re still posting for National Women’s History Month in April, but do we really need a reason to continue celebrating the amazing women at our company? Today we’re introducing you to the face behind our Facebook posts, Lauren. In addition to being a beacon of […]

Women’s History Month: Get to know Evangeline

For those of you who are new around these parts, March was National Women’s History Month but because we love our female employees so much, and NOT because we got someone new to run social media who was a little confused at first (It’s a learning process, ok?), we’re continuing the celebrations into April. Meet our Public […]

Women’s History Month: Get to know Tessa

As you may remember from last week, we’re continuing our posts for National Women’s History Month into April, in a highly anticipated sequel that not even all of The Avengers movies combined could beat. We’ll call it Women’s History Month Part 2: It Should Be Longer Anyways. To end this week, we’re introducing you to […]

Women’s History Month: Get to know Lauren J

National Women’s History Month may be over, but time is a human construct, so we’re gonna keep celebrating with another feature of our employee Lauren. Lauren is a self-proclaimed dork (don’t worry, we aren’t being mean – she says it herself later!) in addition to being a content manager for Flying Cork. She’s also a […]

Eight Ways to Beat the Afternoon Slump

We’ve all experienced it – 2 p.m. rolls around and you can’t find the motivation to continue working. You can feel yourself falling into the same trance one experiences on a long road trip fueled by Red Bull and caffeine patches, and you’re seriously considering how much trouble you’d get in if you used that […]

Women’s History Month: Get to know Mel

To finish off this week’s round of National Women’s History Month features, we have Mel! In addition to being the dog mom of one of the cutest corgis we’ve ever seen, Mel is our Email Marketing Specialist. She’s originally from Phoenixville, Pennsylvania and has a degree in journalism from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Check Mel […]

Women’s History Month: Get to know Elizabeth

If you’ve been following us this month, you know we’ve been celebrating National Women’s History Month by featuring all of our female employees. Today, we’re continuing with Elizabeth. Elizabeth is originally from Akron, Ohio and has earned quite a few degrees: Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communications at Ohio State, Master’s Degree in Education at The […]

Women’s History Month: Get to know Krystal

Ah, it’s a new day, and that means it’s time for a new post in honor of National Women’s History Month. Today, we’ll be highlighting our Senior Manager of marketing automation and email – Krystal, who comes to us from Windber, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Digital Media Arts. Did […]

Women’s History Month: Get to know Kara

Another day of National Women’s History Month, another day of us bothering one of our wonderful employees with questions. Today we bothered Kara, another one of our marketing coordinators. If you didn’t already check out Kara’s post on our Facebook page, what are you doing? Get over there and show her some love by clicking […]

Women’s History Month: Get to know Baylee

In honor of March being National Women’s History Month, Flying Cork is introducing you to our leading ladies. First up to bat is one of our marketing coordinators – Baylee. Baylee originally hails from Kutztown, Pennsylvania, and just recently graduated from Point Park University with a degree in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management. We had […]

Instagram Shopping: The next Standalone App?

In case you missed it, news is swirling that a new standalone Instagram shopping app, which may be called IG Shopping, could be in the works. In case you really missed it, in 2016, Instagram rolled out with “shoppable tags.” This feature created a more immersive shopping experience for users as retailers could promote their products directly […]