Anyone can be a Google Partner. But, What Does it Mean to be a Premier Google Partner?

Premier google partner

We love a gold star.

Flying Cork is proud to have been a Google Partner for more than three years. We’ve been recognized by Google for our exemplary accounts, our well-versed employees and our constant push to better our goals. But recently we experienced that extra “gold star” feeling of pride and accomplishment when we became a Premier Google Partner.

As a Premier Google Partner, we’ve been recognized by Google as a leading agency with regard to our skills at developing and maintaining successful online advertising campaigns for our clients. We have certifications in search, mobile and display advertising, as well as video ads.

How did Flying Cork receive its Premier Google Partner badge? We had to meet or exceed criteria established by Google:

  1. We created and completed a company profile so that Flying Cork could be listed on the Google Partner Search.
  2. Four of our employees became certified in AdWords. (Google only requires two, but at Flying Cork we like to go above and beyond!)
  3. Across all of our managed accounts, we met a higher spend requirement that showed that our agency has a healthy amount of activity across the board.
  4. By delivering strong overall AdWords revenue and growth as well as maintaining and growing our customer base, were able to meet Google’s performance requirements.

So, it probably doesn’t come as a shock that we’re proudly displaying this distinguished honor in our office. But can you blame us? We’re one of only a few agencies in the Pittsburgh area to have received this accreditation as of late.


Flying Cork’s position as a Premier Google Partner doesn’t just benefit us as an agency. It also benefits the companies that we work with. Here’s how:

  1. We’re well-versed in Google AdWords. We’ve mastered the use of ad extensions, ad scheduling, broad match modified keywords, negative keywords, site links inside of ads, split testing with AdWords, phrase match keywords and more. All of these features are in our tool belt, and our search team knows when to pull them out to be used in a way that’s profitable and beneficial to our clients.
  2. As a Premier Google Partner, we’ve attained the highest level of experience and proficiency when it comes to developing, deploying and managing AdWords campaigns for our clients. So we’ll use what we’ve learned from our hands-on experience and apply it to your efforts.
  3. We’ve received a vast amount of training; we’re privy to the necessary tools for success as well as AdWords support, so that we can stay in the know about Google’s newest technologies. We might not be able to secure you a ride on their self-driving car, but it’s this access to knowledge and behind-the-scenes information that can help save our clients’ time and resources.
  4. If you don’t think that you have the staff or the support to manage and maintain a high-performing account on your own, you don’t have to do it alone. That’s where a Premier Google Partner comes into play. As a Premier Google Partner, we have access to proprietary resources that’ll help us manage your account.
  5. We mentioned that anyone can be a Google Partner, but to become a Premier Google Partner, it took extra effort to increase our knowledge and get ahead of the competition. When you work with a Premier Google Partner like Flying Cork, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re working with a company that has taken in-depth training and testing to help us refine and hone our skills – all to benefit clients like you.

Though being a Google Partner is a great feat, being a Premier Google Partner is even better.

Contact us today if you want to put our knowledge to the test.