A Dozen Tips for Your Thank You Pages

Marketers spend tons of time and money trying to connect with the right customers, often through getting them to fill out an online form. Designers, developers, and content creators spend endless hours fabricating, testing and fine-tuning the online experiences to optimize lead generation.

An often overlooked (or at least underestimated) element of the journey from prospect to purchasing customer is the experience offered right after a form is completed: the thank-you page. Too often, this experience is just doing that: thanking you for filling out a form. But think about it for a moment: your prospect just raised their hand, showed interest in your product or service, apparently wants to engage, and now you’re just saying “thank you”?

Instead of this rather cold shoulder, consider ways to build upon the momentum and provide ways to further engage with your brand. It’s nurturing time!

Some examples of how to make better use of your thank you page:

1. Be More Personal

If you captured a first and last name, speak to him or her directly. Use the name in the thank you (“Thanks for signing up, John Wayne”). It’s warmer, friendlier, and creates a tighter connection. Don’t overdo it or make it creepy.

2. Provide Next Steps Information

Now that they have become a lead, what should they expect to happen? Are you going to call them? Email them? Make sure they know what comes next.

3. Keep Selling

Cross- or upsell other related products or services (“You might also be interested in …”). Create the opportunity to buy more, perhaps with a nice discount as special thanks for being a customer. Don’t forget to provide an easy way to buy later (“Thanks, not now, but maybe later”).

4. Share the Joy

Let new leads share the joy and enthusiasm of their purchase with their friends. Use social media shares that make it easy to post. You could even provide prefabricated posts. Amazon does a great job with this; after a customer makes a purchase, they provide an image of the product bought plus brief copy saying “I just bought [product name]”.

5. Subscribe for More

You collected data about someone’s interest. Use it to recommend related news resources, or subscriptions.

6. Refer a Friend

No better time than now to ask for a referral. Make it easy to refer a friend, or if you want to take it a step further, offer an incentive. You can also offer a discount to the referee!

7. Provide Access to More Content

It is best practice on landing pages to confine users to that very page so they can concentrate on their one task—converting. Once they have completed that task, keep the new lead engaged by providing access to more content. Since you’ve already captured their details, there is no longer a need to confine them to your landing page. Set them free! Let them navigate away (to your properties, of course).

8. More Funneling

If the form was just the first step into your marketing funnel, think about ways to make the next step easy. Maybe now they would like to subscribe to your newsletter or your blog?

9. Ask for Feedback

Show interest in your new leads’ opinions. Ask for their feedback or suggestions on how to improve. A simple survey might generate some surprising insights.

10. Congratulate

Especially when your new lead has just purchased a product or service, congratulating them on their purchase and making them feel good about it can further strengthen their connection with your brand. Testimonials are a good way to achieve that feel-good effect as well. Make them part of your existing fan base!

11. Educate

Now that you just sold them a cool new kitchen tool, don’t leave them without proper resources that ensure they will enjoy using your product. Show them how. Give them recipes. Make sure they have a place to start!

12. Follow Up

Nothing shows you care about your new customer more than following up with them to make sure all is going as expected and they are happy with what you have delivered to them. This goes a little beyond the thank-you page, but it’s worth mentioning it regardless. Genuinely caring about your customer, and showing that care, goes a long way!

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