Our Process

We’ve entered a new world in the science of marketing. Today, knowledge abounds.

We know more than ever about our clients’ audience, about their preferences and behaviors. With all of this data at our fingertips, we can turn on a dime, revising and re-executing our marketing strategy to produce better results.

We are an agency of motion – an agency of measuring, learning, and optimizing.


How We Do It

At Flying Cork, we challenged ourselves to define what it means to be in motion: Measurement, Observation, Transformation, Integration, Optimization and Nurturing. But really, all that means is that we don’t stop.

We get to know our clients, their audiences and competitors, and what makes them all tick. We uncover their business goals, and determine how we can help them get there. And then we move. We strategize. We execute. We measure, and we learn. Then we take those learnings, and adapt what we’re doing to better resonate with our clients’ key audiences.

Basically, it’s how we can help you get – and stay – in motion. Want to see our process in action? Explore our case studies.

Get Moving!

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