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We craft sustainable marketing and advertising models for our clients, to help them find, engage, and retain their right customer.

At Flying Cork, we have the knowledge and the tools to keep you connected to your ever-changing audience – no matter where they are in your pipeline. We’re a Pittsburgh-based agency dedicated to providing our clients with fully customizable, agile digital marketing solutions.

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Meet Our Team

Eric Kinnamon, Amazon Sales Specialist

Meet Eric

Eric Kinnamon

Amazon Sales Specialist

Lauren Johnson, Content Manager

Meet Lauren

Lauren Johnson

Content Manager

Evangeline O’Keefe, PR Associate

Meet Evangeline

Evangeline O’Keefe

PR Associate

Jordan Mitchell, Associate Creative Director

Meet Jordan

Jordan Mitchell

Associate Creative Director

Kara Kaulius, Marketing Coordinator

Meet Kara

Kara Kaulius

Marketing Coordinator

Tom Estlack, Lead Designer

Meet Tom

Tom Estlack

Lead Designer

Lauren Ortego, Marketing Coordinator

Meet Lauren

Lauren Ortego

Marketing Coordinator

Nick Ziemba, Junior Developer

Meet Nick

Nick Ziemba

Junior Developer

Dan Barbour, Web Developer

Meet Dan

Dan Barbour

Web Developer

Baylee Zimmerman, Marketing Coordinator

Meet Baylee

Baylee Zimmerman

Marketing Coordinator

Rodney Burrell, VP Communications

Meet Rodney

Rodney is a manipulator of the written word, superhero fan boy, and donut enthusiast. He’s non-fluent in French, well-spoken in sarcasm, and driven in the art of getting things done without making excuses.

Rodney Burrell

VP Communications

Elizabeth Clay, Public Relations Manager

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth manages PR, obsesses a little too much over grammar and loves a good flea market (or even a bad one). When she’s not working, she’s spending time with her incredible family and is officially one of “those” moms who overshares photos of her baby girl on social media.

Elizabeth Clay

Public Relations Manager

Carl Marchewka, CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

Meet Carl

Carl is the Chief Fun Officer

Carl Marchewka

CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

Dazie Haslam, Lead Morale

Meet Dazie

Dazie is the lead morale person at Flying Cork. Just meet her and you will feel much better!

Dazie Haslam

Lead Morale

Mike Perri, Sr. Manager, Media Buying and Project Management

Meet Mike

Mike has over 6 years of experience in affiliate marketing and lead generation. He managed the affiliate program at GiftCards.com before becoming Marketing Manager there in 2009. In 2013, he joined Flying Cork Media where he managed lead generation programs for many of the agency’s largest clients.

Mike’s areas of expertise include lead generation, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and SEO. He’s also a Formula 1 fanatic, a die-hard Steelers fan and affectionately referred to around the office as “Chief Jagoff”.

Mike Perri

Sr. Manager, Media Buying and Project Management

John Lazaro, Account Manager

Meet John

John is our Account Manager who ensures operations run smoothly between our partners. When he’s not managing accounts you can find him obsessing over his latest purchase, a Mustang GT.

John Lazaro

Account Manager

Melissa Choynowski, Email Marketing Specialist

Meet Mel

Mel is an email marketing specialist who loves cats, brunch, HGTV and hockey. When she’s not creating email campaigns, you can find her eating sushi, drinking a glass of Merlot, or cheering on the Pittsburgh Penguins. She’s most likely doing all three at the same time.

Melissa Choynowski

Email Marketing Specialist

Jude Michaels, President

Meet Jude

Jude Michaels is President who obsesses over new marketing technology, analytics, the customer journey, and planning trips to Disney with his wife and two children. For Jude, MOTION means an obligation to innovate his clients’ marketing efforts to match their consumers’ demands.

Jude Michaels


Krystal Clark, Sr. Manager of Email and QA

Meet Krystal

Krystal is an Email Marketing Manager who loves cats, rock climbing and running. When she’s not sending email, you can find her outside. For Krystal MOTION means being dynamic and adapting to every changing day.

Krystal Clark

Sr. Manager of Email and QA

Mike Yates, Vice President of Technology

Meet Yates

Working in a web development environment for almost 20 years, Mike has a knack for being able to figure out any problem FCM gives him.  When he’s not staring at a computer, he enjoys spending time surviving his family and lifting weights at Gold’s Gym.

Mike Yates

Vice President of Technology

Tessa Watkins, Interactive Developer

Meet Tessa

Tessa is a tech enthusiast who loves seeking new challenges. When she’s not breaking the internet, Tessa is playing video games like the the Sims, Civ V, Pokemon (not Pokemon-Go!), Zelda, and couch co-op PS4 games with her husband.

Tessa Watkins

Interactive Developer

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